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Ready for Island-Hopping in Stunning Southern Gulf Islands, BC, Canada?

Look no further than AquaLink, your premier Gulf Island water taxi service connecting the Southern Gulf Islands of Salt Spring, Galiano, Mayne, Saturna, and Pender.

Unveil the Southern Gulf Islands A Slice of Paradise

Select your southern gulf islands ferry schedule & step into a world of serene, verdant beauty where rolling landscapes meet the gentle waves. The Southern Gulf Islands, floating just off the mainland of British Columbia, await your arrival.

Hop on to the water taxi services for gulf islands and experience the cool Mediterranean microclimate as the warm West Coast sunshine embraces you to sleep at night.

Unrivalled Convenience

Booking your water taxi services for gulf islands with AquaLink ensures a seamless island-hopping experience and opens the door to unparalleled convenience.

In addition to reserving your water taxi ride per the southern gulf islands ferry schedule, you can make restaurant reservations, secure accommodations, and book various activities directly through us.

Island Adventures

Each island in the Southern Gulf has its unique character, from laid-back and rustic to up-tempo and bustling. Whether you seek relaxation amidst nature’s tranquillity, thrilling outdoor adventures, or exploring vibrant local cultures, each island has something special.

Click on your desired destination island below to unveil a world of exciting activities and experiences that await you.

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Regarding water taxis in Vancouver, AquaLink stands out as the top choice. Embrace our flexible BC Ferries schedule to the Gulf Islands and Experience freedom like never before.