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Our cidermaking is a conversation with place, an interdependent relationship between plants and people. The apples we harvest are sourced from hundreds of dry farmed apple trees planted over one hundred years ago by settlers originating from Japan, Europe, Hawaii, and many other places. Our work with these tall, old trees is year-round—from winter pruning to shaking apples down at harvest time—and our care for them is also a recognition of their special role within the ecosystem of these islands known as north and south Pender Islands by settlers and SDȺY¸ES by the Coast Salish nations whose unceded ancestral home this is.

When pressing and blending, our aim is to highlight the range of profiles different rare, antique apple varieties and traditional cider & wine making methods can express. Apples are left to “sweat” for weeks after harvest, a process causing them to dehydrate slightly in the warm fall air, which decreases the yield but increases the sugars and flavours. After milling, many of our batches undergo extended maceration and sometimes on-pomace fermentation, increasing the subtle diversity of wild yeasts in the juice.

Through our cool winter fermentation season, we use traditional techniques such as keeving when residual sweetness is desired and we create natural bubbles through bottle conditioning, ancestral method and traditional method—creating ciders that are the most vivid and honest expression of place that you can find in our region.

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